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Available Services

兒童畫班 Children Art Class

大嶼山上門畫班 Lantau Art Class

歲數 Age 3-6

上門教學 Home teaching for 5+ students or 1:1 teaching 7+ years old


MUI WO weekly art class


Adult Workshop
*Avalible for team building /Friends/Family 

  • Sea Glasses Flower postcards

  • Still-life Watercolor
    (Food / Flower / Plants)

  • Acrylic Paintings 
    (Lanscape/ Abstract / Still life)

  • Marker bookmark illustration

 書本插畫 Book illustration /

產品插畫 Product illustration

人像插畫 Portrait illustration


Original Designed Product 

Buy online or consignment stores

​Wholesale Price ( 100+ orders):


設計 Design

簡單排版/ 設計

Layout design

poster / Map


Artist Interview

搵我啦 Contact

想畫咩?睇下點夾 Like what you see? Get in touch to learn more.

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